The article of TYPICA was published in THE BRIDGE.

The article of TYPICA was published in THE BRIDGE.

In April, THE BRIDGE published an article about TYPICA, including our business outline, which said  “A company aiming for sustainable coffee distribution was officially launched.”

Many coffee beans have not reached small and medium-sized coffee roasters due to the problem of lot, the amount of coffee beans, roasters need to buy. However, TYPICA’s direct trade platform has solved that problem, allowing them to buy directly from farmers with a trading unit of 60 kg. As a result, various roasters nationwide will be able to receive a variety of unique coffee beans, and everyone will be able to enjoy better quality coffee.

In addition, by consulting and negotiating directly with the coffee producers, better beans can be distributed to the world regardless of their scales, and by purchasing their beans with appropriate prices, the merit to the producer side will be greater. 

By distributing coffee through this direct trade platform, it is possible not only to protect the lives of coffee producers, but also to contribute to the whole society in the production area.

In the near future, TYPICA will expand its service not only to Asian countries such as Taiwan and South Korea, but also to Europe, so please look forward to the various lineups of coffee beans that reflect the thoughts of the people in the production area.

Through our business, we will increase opportunities for everyone to enjoy more delicious coffee.

Publication date: 6/4/2021

Title: TYPICA, which realizes direct transactions between coffee farmers and roasters, officially launches, aiming for sustainable coffee distribution