The article of TYPICA was published in SDGs MAGAZINE.

The article of TYPICA was published in SDGs MAGAZINE.

TYPICA was featured in SDGs MAGAZINE as the world’s first online coffee bean platform was officially launched!

SDGs MAGAZINE kindly wrote about our direct trade platform of green coffee in detail.

Do you know the way of “direct trading”?

Unlike “fair trade,” in which products are traded not by producers but by intermediaries, staff members go directly to the production areas and trade directly with them.

In this way, you can enjoy better quality coffee by dealing directly with the people in the production area. Understanding the thoughts of the people there and valuing the trust and relationships with them is the important key.

In addition, it makes it possible to provide green coffees to all roasters regardless of their business scales, and more and more coffees that stand out their uniqueness are distributed. 

TYPICA will expand its service not only to Asian countries such as Taiwan and South Korea, but also to Europe in the near future.

Please look forward to the various lineups of coffee beans that reflect the thoughts of the people in the production area. Through our business, we will increase opportunities for everyone to enjoy more delicious coffee.

Publication date: 2021/4/27

Title: The world’s first online platform “TYPICA” officially launched with the aim of making the distribution of sustainable coffee beans transparent!