Paving the way for 100% direct trade for green coffee distribution. TYPICA, the online platform connecting producers and roasters, will be available in 59 countries from October 1st

High-quality green coffee orders will be available in more than 21 countries worldwide.
Our platform users in Japan have already surpassed 800 roasters.

Global venture TYPICA, founded by Ayane Yamada and Masashi Goto, strives for transparency in the distribution of green coffees. TYPICA’s online platform will allow coffee producers and coffee roasters in 59 countries to directly trade coffee from 1 unit of jute bag.

Expanding into a Network of Over 3,000 Producers and Roasters from 59 Countries

Within a year of the launch of TYPICA, it has grown into a network of more than 2,000 producers and roasters from 12 countries. In Japan, with an earlier launch in April 2021, it has already seen more than 800 roasters who are registered and are using the platform. Through TYPICA, we deliver in-season coffee directly from the producers to the roasters.

Our goal for 2025 is for TYPICA to grow the coffee community into more than 5,000 producers across 70 countries worldwide and within the first year we plan to exceed 3,000 producers in 59 countries.

Our objective is to empower the individuals in the coffee industry, to increase sustainability of high-quality coffee production, and to drastically improve the experience of coffee lovers by rejuvenating the coffee community between coffee producers and roasters worldwide.

Creating an Online Platform Where Everyone Can Participate

Previously, green coffee trading was only possible from 1 unit of container shipment (18t). TYPICA makes direct trading of green coffee possible from 1 unit of jute bag (60kg). By adding an option to trade in smaller quantities, we were able to create a community of producers and roasters and it is through this community that we will transform the coffee industry into an industry where “100% direct trade” is possible by anyone.

For the producers, we created a system where small-scale coffee producers, especially family-run businesses, are able to participate in direct trade. As a result, these producers can set their own prices without being affected by the volatile fluctuations of the international market.

For all roasters, we aim to provide “100% direct trade” coffee. Conventional direct trade, which uses 18t as a unit of trading, makes it extremely difficult to completely trade directly, even for large-scale roasters. For small and medium-sized roasters, direct trading was a challenge because of trading quantity and high financial costs. In many cases, there were no alternative options, but to depend on trading companies for all aspects of trading – from inventory checks to purchases.

In addition to changing the unit of trading from 18t to 60kg, TYPICA provides supply chain and price breakdowns for all distributed lots to ensure and emphasize transparency. We also support producers and roasters to create a “Face-to-Face relationship” to foster mutual understanding and to improve communication. We encourage not only trading of goods, but also a trade of minds and hearts.

Furthermore, at TYPICA we believe that if we, as a whole community, actively share the knowledge and experiences on improving high-quality coffee production, we can greatly increase the quality of coffee distributed worldwide.

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on coffee distribution and consumption trends and our surveys showed that all producers and roasters felt that their future relies on “the advancement of Digital Transformation (DX)”. As visiting coffee farms and meeting with producers face-to-face has become difficult, our service to connect producers and roasters online through our platform has become increasingly valued.

Promoting Sustainability Through Digital Transformation of Coffee Bean Distribution

TYPICA’s motivation to promote a transparent “100% direct trade” comes from the belief that increasing the direct trade share of green coffee distribution is the most effective way to consistently boost coffee farmer’s profits and roaster’s value, as well as to enhance the coffee experience of the consumers.

The coffee industry is currently facing a large social issue. The constant changes in supply and demand and the inflow of speculative capital has caused coffee prices to be volatile. This makes coffee an extremely difficult crop to secure a steady revenue. Due to its instability, many producers opt to change crops or to leave the agriculture business, which as a result means that we are losing the diversity of coffee origins.

At TYPICA, we see resolving these social issues as one of our missions. By increasing the share of direct trade, we are able to improve the producers’ quality of life through financial independence and expansion of employment capabilities. But we hope that our impact doesn’t stop there. There is potential that by contributing to global environmental issues through better coffee distributions, we can bring positive changes to communities in developing countries, positive impacts such as resolving poverty and building infrastructure for schools and hospitals. We are pleased to share that we are already seeing these changes within our community.

By creating a world where delicious coffee continues to be delicious and a cup of coffee becomes synonymous with a cup of bliss, we can make a positive impact to our platform users, to the coffee industry and to the world.

We hope you join us on our journey and you can expect continuous updates on our TYPICA website – stay tuned!

– Message from TYPICA Founder Ayane Yamada

I feel that many people in the coffee industry share the desire to build stronger relationships with coffee producers and to improve sustainability for delicious coffee. TYPICA removes these barriers and makes direct trade possible for all roasters and producers. This platform embodies what I yearned for in sourcing green coffee during my years as a roaster. I feel incredibly happy that many roasters have chosen to join our community through our global launch and I look forward to building the future of coffee together.

– Message from TYPICA Founder Masashi Goto

Two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day around the world, which makes coffee the second most traded international goods after oil. I decided to establish TYPICA because I felt that two billion cups of consumer behavior shows the potential that coffee has in bringing happiness to people worldwide.

TYPICA provides roasters around the world an opportunity to use coffee that is “100% direct trade”. In a world where more than 3.5 billion people are connected on the internet, there is an increasing opportunity for coffee producers to distribute as direct trade. Providing the infrastructure to more than 20 million coffee producers (around 100 million including their families), can change their lifestyle and their lives.

I believe that by increasing directly traded green coffee, we can simultaneously improve the quality of life for producers, roasters and consumers as well as increase sustainability of our world. It is for the pursuit of this belief that I will continue to develop a platform where participation for all coffee lovers is possible.

Invitation for our launch cupping event

– Netherlands
Date:  11th of October, 2021, 16.00PM – 18.00PM
Location: Eerste Jan van der Heijdenstraat 165hs, 1072 TS, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Website: https://global.typica.jpevent2021/

– Germany
Date:  13th of October, 2021, 16.00PM – 18.00PM (Time not fixed yet)
Location: 19grams – Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13, 10178 Berlin, Germany 
Website: https://global.typica.jpevent2021/

– Denmark
Date:  14th of October, 2021, 16.00PM – 18.00PM (Time not fixed yet)
Location: Coming soon
Website: https://global.typica.jpevent2021/

– Norway
Date:  15th of October, 2021, 16.00PM – 18.00PM (Time not fixed yet)
Location: Coming soon
Website: https://global.typica.jpevent2021/

– Italy
Date:  18th of October, 2021, 17.00PM – 19.00PM  (Time not fixed yet)
Location: Ditta Artigianale, Firenze (The address details are coming soon)
Website: https://global.typica.jpevent2021/

– Spain
Date:  19th of October, 2021, 17.00PM – 19.00PM
Location: Nomad Coffee- Carrer Marroc 160, 08019, Barcelona
Website: https://global.typica.jpevent2021/

– France
Date:  20th of October, 2021, 16.00PM – 18.00PM (Time not fixed yet)
Location: Coming soon
Website: https://global.typica.jpevent2021/

– The U.K.
Date:  21st of October, 2021, 16.00PM – 18.00PM (Time not fixed yet)
Location: Square Mile Coffee – Prufrock Coffee, 23-25 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7TE, United Kingdom
Website: https://global.typica.jpevent2021/