TYPICA Co-founder Goto Speaks at Japan’s Industry Ministry Seminar

On August 1, 2023, Masashi Goto, co-founder of TYPICA, presented a keynote address to members of a Colombian government agency. Japan’s industry ministry organized the event. It aimed to educate Colombian officials on effective design strategies, as the South American country is considering introducing a version of Japan’s Good Design Award.

During his presentation, Goto shared his insights, drawing from TYPICA’s experience of winning the Good Design Award in 2021. He said its impact included being selected by the industry ministry as a subsidized project for two straight years and the resulting boost in client and stakeholder trust. He also explored the concept of good design, mentioning that he is still in search of an answer. He went on to outline TYPICA’s vision, saying that the fundamental purpose of TYPICA is to design a coffee experience that brings happiness to all involved.

※ At the 2021 Good Design Award, TYPICA was named among the “Good Design Best 100” and received the “Good Focus Award.”