Mr. Shintaro Asako, who has extensive experience in startup management and global expansion of Japanese companies in Japan and the U.S., was appointed as TYPICA Co-Representative Director CFO.

In preparation for listing on NASDAQ, TYPICA will be strengthening its corporate governance and management structure with Mr. Shintaro Asako who also serves as an outside director of 7-Eleven, Inc. and Kura Sushi USA, Inc. As of November 1, 2023, Mr. Shintaro Asako has been appointed as Co-Representative Director CFO of TYPICA Holdings, Inc. (CEO: Masashi Goto), a global venture company for sustainability in high-quality coffee. His mission is to support Japanese entrepreneurs and businesses competing on the global stage. He has extensive experience partnering with venture companies in both Japan and the US to achieve their expansion goals, including NASDAQ IPOs.

TYPICA is the world’s first global online platform launched to democratize the direct trade of green coffee beans. Traditionally, green coffee trading is only possible from 1 unit of container shipment (18t). By making direct trading of green coffee possible from 1 unit of jute bag (60kg), TYPICA provides an opportunity for small-scale producers without export resources to exhibit and sell their new-crop (freshly harvested and processed) green coffee beans directly to roasters who now have access to direct trade no matter their size.

This way of trading has allowed for great transparency of the supply chain and full traceability of coffee down to the farm level. In the four years since its beginning, TYPICA’s network of producers and roasters has expanded to 71 countries and regions, and direct trade has been achieved across 55 countries and regions.

■ Background of appointment 

Through TYPICA, producers have been able to sell green coffee beans at prices 2.5 to 35 times higher than before. In addition to promoting economic independence, expanding employment, and improving living standards, we have seen coffee production contribute to improving the global environment, fighting poverty, and building schools and hospitals, leading local communities in coffee-producing countries to transform for the better.

In order to further expand these opportunities on a global scale, and to achieve NASDAQ IPO, a  milestone for greater growth, we have welcomed Mr. Shintaro Asako to join as CFO and contribute his wealth of knowledge and experience. Additionally, Ayane Yamada, the co-founder and current director of TYPICA, will become Co-Representative Director CQO (Chief Quality Officer). The three representative directors will work to further enhance corporate value while maximizing their respective strengths.

New Management Structure
Masashi Goto, Co-Representative Director CEO (present post)
Ayane Yamada, Co-Representative Director CQO (Newly appointed)
Shintaro Asako, Co-Representative Director CFO (Newly appointed)

■Biography of Mr. Shintaro Asako, New Representative Director CFO

Born in Saitama, Japan in 1974, Mr Asako moved to the US when he was young and attended the Leventhal School of Accounting at the University of Southern California. He then became a Certified Public Accountant in the state of California, beginning his career at Arthur Andersen LLP working in audit and tax advisory services, before moving on to the role of Senior Manager of Audit at KPMG LLP.

After a period of serving as Vice President and CFO of Medicinova Inc., a biotechnology company in the U.S., he joined ngmoco LLC (later DeNA West), where he was appointed CEO in 2013.

Currently, he serves as  an outside board member of 7-Eleven, Inc., Kura Sushi USA, Inc. and User Base, Inc. He is also a Managing Partner of Delight Ventures, where he is committed to “supporting Japanese entrepreneurs and businesses competing on the global stage”. He is also a certified sommelier and pilot, and plans to add “climbing the highest peaks of the world’s five continents” to his list of goals to achieve in his 50s.

■ Shintaro’s comment

“I have served as an outside board member, chairman of the board, and chairman of the audit committee at several companies, so I have knowledge and experience in strengthening corporate governance and management systems, and this is an area where I can demonstrate my strengths. However, these are only skills that will help me achieve my own aspirations.

I accepted this job because I wanted to work together to create a business that would make TYPICA’s vision a reality. I am very excited to see what kind of challenging situations await me on this journey with my TYPICA friends who I want to climb this high mountain with.”

■Ayane’s comment

It is a great honor for me to work with Mr. Shintaro, who has been active in the forefront of business around the world, to grow TYPICA together. Shintaro has always been very supportive of TYPICA, going beyond the relationship between investor and investee. He has always been there to advise us on even the smallest decision. I feel not only his high expectations for the potential of TYPICA’s growth, but also his strong love for what we are doing. We look forward to working with Mr. Shintaro as TYPICA opens the door to a new dimension.

■Masashi’s comment

We could not ask for a more reassuring partner than Mr. Shintaro, whose experience is one of the most enriched in Japan. His expertise will help TYPICA achieve its vision and milestones, including listing on NASDAQ.

Having lived in Los Angeles for almost 30 years, Mr. Shintaro’s background of opening creative paths overlaps with our own, as we started our journey from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with a desire to expand globally from the very beginning. I am confident that with Mr. Shintaro, who is not only skilled and experienced, but also a loving “big brother” to all, we can co-create a corporate governance and management structure that will allow each and every member of TYPICA to freely expand his or her horizons. 

We will continue to make further efforts to achieve our big and ambitious goals, and to consistently achieve another dimension of growth and build a strong organization.