TYPICA’s business model featured by major Japanese publisher

TYPICA gets a mention in the recently released “SDGs Business Models: Social Issues Create Business Opportunities,” written by Nobumitsu Fukai and published by major Japanese publisher KADOKAWA. The book highlights TYPICA and 20 other fast-growing Japanese start-ups that focus on social issues.

With illustrations, the author details the issues that exist across the coffee chain, from the producer to roaster to consumer. He also mentions that direct trade is the key to solving them. He notes that it allows producers to set their own prices while also establishing transparency and face-to-face relationships between producers and roasters.

Fukai, the author, runs “SDGs Journal,” a SDGs-themed online journal. He studies companies trying to resolve social issues through business. He organizes events, writes, and gives talks about SDGs for educational institutions, government officials, and business people.

Published on March 31, 2023
Title: SDGs Business Models: Social Issues Create Business Opportunities