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They introduced our digital transformation (DX) for dealing green coffee beans.


Generally coffee is traded in the featured trade market so there is an issue that famers couldn’t decide the price. To solve this issue, TYPICA started the online market of green coffee beans.

Yamada, who is an original member, visited to the production area to check the beans’ quality, interview people and film there.

Getting trust and building solid relationship with people in the production area is important thing to deal with.

And dealing directly with them makes it possible for us to make you enjoy better quality coffee and for producers to deal at the appropriate price for the quality. We also have regular online event to introduce the producers to roasters. By connecting relationship of each other, we share their story to each other and also to people who enjoy drinking coffee. This happened because of Yamada’s thought: he hoped every roaster to enjoy choosing various green coffee beans and to feel that they could change the entire coffee industry by purchasing by themselves, and every customer to feel happy that they could get to drink unique coffee at any café now.

better quality coffee

On the website, you can search the roasters providing coffee of TYPICA and where their cafés are.


TYPICA will expand its service not only to Asian countries such as Taiwan and South Korea, but also to Europe in the near future, so please look forward to the various lineups of coffee beans that reflect the thoughts of the people in the production area. We hope you have more opportunity to enjoy better quality coffee through our business.

Publication date: 2021/5/29

Title: Direct trade to connect with production area DX of green coffee beans distribution ”TYPICA”