The article of TYPICA was published in Teikoku Inshokuryo Shinbunsha.

Our coffee beans online platform which was established for the first time in the world was introduced.

Teikoku Inshokuryo Shinbunsha

This online platform makes producers to deal at the appropriate price for the quality which is not affected by the market price and roasters to provide high scarcity value of specialty coffee beans regardless their business scales. 

On TYPICA official site, the rosters that provide direct trade coffee were introduced on the mapping at the same time the platform was launched.


Our goal is to trade the beans with 5,000 producers from 30 different countries until 2025. We will make it happen that you can enjoy unique specialty coffee provided through TYPICA at any café you visit.

Please look forward to the various lineups of coffee beans that reflect the thoughts of the people in the production area.  

Publication date: 2021/4/28
Title: direct sale of new-crop coffee beans from one bag