The article of TYPICA was published in Tokachi Mainichi News Paper

TIPICA was featured by Tokachi Mainichi News Paper as we officially launched the online platform that farmers and roasters could trade the coffee beans directly.

Tokachi Mainichi News Paper

They wrote the detail about how the direct trade worked on the distributions of green coffee beans.

Almost all of coffee you drink and coffee beans you get are imported from developing countries. So TYPICA, as a bridge to connect producers to customers and also to roasters through the direct trade, started our business to build a structure to provide good quality coffee beans to the world sustainably.

TYPICA Coffee Community

Dealing directly with producers enables us to distribute better quality coffee beans regardless of business scales and also to make the producers’ benefit greater by proposing the appropriate price. We expect that you all can enjoy the various, unique coffee in your neighbor cafés or private coffee shops more often in the near future.

TYPICA will expand its service not only to Asian countries such as Taiwan and South Korea, but also to Europe in the near future. Please look forward to the various lineups of coffee beans that reflect the thoughts of the people in the production area.

Publication date: 2021/4/20

Title: Direct trade of coffee beans between farmers and roasters  online”TYPICA”