TYPICA and Sumisho Foods have started a business cooperation.

TYPICA, who conducts direct trade, and Sumisho Foods have started working together.

Sumisho Foods Co., Ltd. is a “Food” professional who collects and organizes various information about food from all over the world and proposes and implements the optimum solution that suits the true needs of customers and the actual situation of suppliers.

TYPICA is a global startup from the Netherlands aiming to make green coffee beans distribution transparent.

The goal is to pursue the permanent development of the coffee industry by utilizing the strength of both companies and taking on the challenge of enhancing the profitability of small-scale coffee producers around the world and the added value of roasters.

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TYPICA and Sumisho Foods have started working together

TYPICA and Sumisho Foods

We will accelerate distribution DX and strive to activate coffee trade through various alliances in the future. Furthermore, to increase our sales network to micro roasters worldwide, we will build broader partnerships with multiple companies with a global producer network.

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Publication date: 2021/6/29
Title: TYPICA and Sumisho Foods have started a business cooperation. It partially guarantees the distribution of new crops for small coffee producers and contributes to the SDGs.