TYPICA was featured in the radio program “Brother presents Music Earth”.

On the radio program “Brother presents Music Earth,” we had an interview about coffee beans and “direct trade” with farmers.

Music Earth

Recently, we are facing a global challenge called the “Coffee 2050 Year Problem.”
Since “coffee” is a product of agriculture, coffee cultivation is heavily affected by environmental changes, especially climate change. Coffee is also regarded as a speculative object, and the impact of price fluctuations on producers is quite a lot.

To solve these problems, a direct trade which connects “coffee farmers” and “coffee bean in-house roasters (roasters)” is developed. At TYPICA, coffee beans that could not be obtained because of weight problems can now be ordered from 60 kg which makes roasters possible to handle more high quality and unique beans.

Coffee beans

As for producers, by trading directly, they can trade beans at an appropriate price range for the quality without being affected by price fluctuations. On the roaster side, it makes it possible to purchase green coffee beans from 60kg, one hemp bag, instead of the traditional standard transaction with container units of 18 tons. That creates opportunities for roasters to try and purchase more unique beans.

Please look forward to the various kinds of coffee that reflects producers’ thoughts and effort. Also, through this business, we would like to enhance opportunities for everyone to enjoy more delicious coffee.
Furthermore, we hope to contribute to solve the current global issues through our business as well.

Publication date: 2021/6/8 (Broadcast date 2021/4/6 19: 30-19: 55)
Broadcast content: FM AICHI Brother presents Music Earth