TYPICA was published in the Nikkei Business Daily.

“Direct Trade”, which TYPICA conducts to create a direct relationship with farmers was introduced in the newspaper.

Nikkei Business Daily

Until now, the coffee bean’s selling price was determined based on the price of futures trading in New York or London. Therefore, it was impossible for producers to determine their own coffee bean prices. Even under such circumstances, there are still many producers in developing countries who make a living from coffee beans alone.

In order to solve that problem, TYPICA started a direct trade business where TYPICA directly communicates and trades beans with producers. As a result, it made it possible to import better quality coffee beans from producers at an appropriate price. In addition, beans that could not be obtained due to weight problems are able to be purchased from 60 kg. This way, roasters can handle many high quality and unique beans.

Coffee beans

Please look forward to the various kinds of coffee that reflects producers’ thoughts and effort. Also, through this business, we would like to increase opportunities for everyone to enjoy more delicious coffee.

Publication date: 2021/6/1
Title: Coffee beans, direct trade with farmers