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TYPICA was introduced as a global start-up company from the Netherlands aiming to make coffee bean trade transparent.


TYPICA conducts a direct trade for coffee beans to increase the profitability of farmers and the additional value of roasters by directly connecting coffee producers and domestic roasters.

Up until now, small and medium-sized roasters could not have variety of coffee beans due to lot problems. However, TYPICA can solve that problem with it’s direct-traded marketplace-type platform. It makes it possible to buy and sell coffee beans directly from a trading unit of 60 kg, which was traditionally traded based on the container units of 18 tons.

As a result, various roasters nationwide can receive many kinds of unique coffee beans to be able to provide their customers better quality coffee.

better quality coffee

Please visit our official website to search for roasters that offer coffee through the direct trade.


TYPICA will keep on focusing on transparent coffee bean distribution and increasing opportunities for everyone to enjoy more delicious coffee through our business.

Publication date: 2021/6/30 (8: 35-8: 50)

Title: TYPICA, a global startup from the Netherlands that aims to make coffee bean trade transparent.