Carmelo Yujra

Finca Senda Salvaje

We traveled with Juan to the Caranavi area to meet with the smallholder who processes at Juan’s place. It was a six-hour drive from La Paz, the capital. It was already dark in the night when we arrived at our hotel in Caranavi. The resort hotel was deserted due to the effects of Covid-19 but I was told that it was the only hotel in Caranavi with internet access and hot water and we settled in for a few days. We headed to a farm called Finca Senda Salvaje the next morning. The name of the farm means “wild road” and it is said that wild animals such as jaguars roam around the farm. The owner of this farm is a couple, Mr. & Mrs. Carmelo. When we passed through the gate of the farm, a boy and girl, and dogs were running around. The older brother had got the younger sister’s hair cut as a prank. Mr. Carmelo is like the leader of the producers in the Caranavi area and the new community of producers is emerging around him. Andy from 4 Llamas, a new generation of producers, has been researching on production and fermentation next to Mr. Carmelo’s farm for the past two and a half years. Andy’s experiment with new fermentation processes is being tested on Mr. Carmelo’s coffees and the cross-generational collaboration makes it possible to bring wonderful coffee. We talked to Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo over a cup of coffee. Mr. Carmelo stated, “We worked as quality managers for the Cup of Excellence over a decade ago. We were exposed to a lot of great coffees from a lot of...

Finca Senda Salvaje

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