KURASU Singapore

Kurasu is a company that promotes the Japanese coffee culture from Kyoto to the world on online store by selling Japanese coffee equipment or through a physical store that sells them and serves home-roasted coffee. The company also offers a subscription service of coffee beans in partnership with roasters around Japan and is working to develop the coffee culture in Japan. We interviewed Mr. Yozo Otsuki, the director of Kurasu, who states, “We have the role to convey the appeal of coffee to the people.” Working together to boost the industry. Kurasu is a retail store that sells hundreds of coffee equipment and coffee beans to more than twenty-five countries every month and they also run a roastery that roasts carefully-selected coffee at a coffee shop serving specialty coffee. Although Kurasu is running multiple businesses in the Kyoto area, the underlying idea for all the businesses remains the same. Otsuki states, “How can we make more people drink coffee? Our business is centered on such an idea. I have established connections with roasters all over Japan and disseminate information through websites and social media because I want to spread the coffee culture. I want to create an environment where many people can easily enjoy coffee.” In July 2020, Otsuki opened the Kyoto Ebisugawa branch as “a showroom” where you can touch the equipment, learn how to brew, and have fun drinking coffee. Not only visitors can purchase coffee beans and coffee equipment that can reproduce the taste of professional coffee at home but also they can receive advice on coffee such as the best way to brew it. Otsuki states, “Coffee already has a positive...

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