The Coffee Market Katsuyama shop

Shoji Furuya runs The Coffee Market, operating three locations in the Tennoji district of Osaka, western Japan: Roast and Cake Studio is a roastery cafe that also offers a wide selection of cakes; 145 is a relaxing space that caters to all generations; and + BAKES serves cream puffs and pastries. Each has its own characters. But coffee is central to all three. Furuya started his career as a roasted coffee wholesaler. It was after the fading of Japan’s coffee shop boom when he opened his own store. Ever since, he has faced coffee and people working with it for more than 30 years. “It’s hard,” Furuya says of running cafes, “but it’s getting more fun year after year.” We’ve delved deeper into his thoughts and vision for the future. Joy of being appreciated Instagram feeds of The Coffee Market’s outlets show pictures of a range of foods, like pastas, bagel sandwiches, cream puffs and cakes. Original sweets, created by patissiers, are as well-crafted as at specialized sweets shops.  But their mainstay is coffee. More than 10 varieties of coffee are on the menus, catering to a broad spectrum of preferences. Customers get to enjoy them in a myriad of ways, from hand drip and espresso to cafe latte, affogato and coffee float. “It’s nice to have sweets when you go out to drink coffee, isn’t it?” says Furuya. “And if I was a customer, I’d feel happy when that tastes good, as well.” Pleasing customers is something Furuya values above anything else – a stance that’s reflected in how he runs his shops. “I go to any kind of restaurant, from popular places to...

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