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The second largest city in Spain, Barcelona boasts a temperate climate year-round, and is home to many parks and squares lush with greenery, all of which lure tourists and people looking for a fresh start in life. Roastery and coffee shop Three Marks Coffee, founded in 2018, sits close to the city center. The store’s name is simply a nod to its three co-founders: Happy Manager Marc Aguyé, who oversees store management; Marco Paccagnella, who is in charge of brand marketing; and Marco De Rebotti, who is responsible for all things coffee. Aguyé and De Rebotti were originally co-workers at a coffee shop, and Paccagnella was one of its regular customers. Three Marks Coffee is the product of a chance encounter of the three men with similar names, and same ambitions. Though De Rebotti now says he believes in the power of teamwork, he initially planned to open a shop by himself. His discovery of coffee dates back to his stint as a hairdresser in London when he was in his 20’s. And ever since, he has been captivated by coffee. In our interview, De Rebotti has shared with us how he arrived at where he is today. Good people create good vibes At Three Marks Coffee, we try to serve all customers with the same attitude and build friendly relationships with them. We didn’t want to limit ourselves to a select clientele. Rather, we wanted to give our shop an intimacy that lets people of all walks of life feel joyful and at home, from the elderly to youngsters.” This philosophy behind Three Marks is reflected in its recruitment policy.  “We focus on applicants’...

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