Pedro Pablo


Agricafe is one of the best and leading producers of coffee in Bolivia. It was said that it would be difficult to establish a new relationship with them, as their customers include some of the most famous roasters in the world. However, due to the combined efforts of various people, they welcomed us. This is the first time in ten years that they have welcomed a new Japanese client and we were the first foreigners to visit the Agricafe this year due to Covid-19. When we arrived at the Agricafe’s mill, which is a short ten-minute drive from the city center of Caranavi, we were stunned by its appearance. It was a completely different world from the simple smallholders deep in the mountains that we had visited yesterday. It was a beautifully appointed facility and was a sanctuary of Caranavi. We first greeted the founder Don Pedro. He exuded a quiet atmosphere and you could sense his integrity and kindness even though he wore a facemask. After briefly introducing each other, he said that he regretted that we had to do the cupping in a separate room to prevent the coronavirus infection. He said that he would love to do cupping in the same space next year. I was strangely convinced that his sensibility has had created this perfect world of Agricafe. After having a very fulfilled cupping session in the morning, we visited a farm with Pedro’s son Pedro Pablo in the afternoon, who is in charge of the production department. The facility inside the famous Finca Las Alasitas is like a resort and the Argentinian-born staff served us a gorgeous lunch that we...

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