Directors Cut of Its a New Wave TV Ad is Out Now

In October 2022, TYPICA put out a TV commercial all over Japan to mark the start of our “It’s a New Wave” campaign. This project is aimed at bringing fresh, seasonal coffee straight into the everyday lives of people. Now we are excited to announce the release of a director’s cut of the video ad.

Video in the link below:

Starring in the short film are the Bolivian coffee producers with whom TYPICA has collaborated since our foundation. The footage depicts their day-to-day work on the farms as well as their love for family. The video ad is meant to give the impression that the producers and their product are coming straight to consumers around the world through direct trade.

 To create a new wave of coffee, we screened the video at various events and locations, including TYPICA Annual Meeting, SCAJ 2022 in Tokyo, Cafe Show Seoul, and the iconic scramble crossing in front of Tokyo’s Shibuya Station,

For this latest edit, the director Douglas Bernardt added unreleased footage and new cuts to the original version.

As part of the “It’s a New Wave” campaign, we’ve rolled out various projects, including TYPICA CLUB, TYPICA GUIDE, and Culture Pairing Pop-Up. TYPICA CLUB is a monthly subscription service that not only delivers seasonal coffee to subscribers but connects them with the producer behind it. TYPICA GUIDE, meanwhile, is a guide service that introduces coffee lovers to truly delicious coffee. Culture Pairing Pop-Up is a project where roasters collaborate with small neighborhood shops in wide-ranging sectors to bring the specialty coffee experience to a wider audience. 

For this year and onward, we are planning to kick-start the OKAGESAMA project, too, in which producers, roasters, and coffee lovers plant shade trees in coffee origins. And of course, we are going to invite more roasters to coffee producing countries on TYPICA Lab origin trips.

In the credit roll of the video above, we recognize the support of all those who made these projects possible, including producers, roasters, shops, and the filming crew. Every single one of you mentioned there has been instrumental in the growth of our global community. We will continue to believe in the world-changing power of community and cherish this bond with you all in the coming year.