Launch of New US Office

TYPICA will be opening a new US office in March 2023. In honor of this occasion, the current base of operations, NYC Pre Home, will be holding an opening event that spans five days from March 27th through March 31st.

From the burst of the IT bubble and terrorist attacks in the early 2000s, to the financial crisis of 2008, to being one of the hardest hit cities at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York City has been able to overcome one adverse event after the next and thrive. Currently, New York has established itself as one of the leading startup cities in the world.

All the major waves of the coffee industry have originated in the United States. The first wave – where coffee consumption accelerated dramatically, the second wave –  which was propelled by the birth of a major coffee chain in Seattle, and the third wave – which focused on pursuing roasting and extraction that emphasizes the individuality of each production area. Indeed, the United States has played a major role in influencing coffee culture around the world.

The office will be located in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood of Dumbo, not far from the Manhattan Bridge. The building boasts a panoramic view of Manhattan, including the famous Empire State Building. Inside, the setup is minimalist but classy, with elements of walnut giving the space a refined atmosphere. The goal is to make visitors feel at ease through the excellence of our services, sounds, and images. There’s no doubt it will be an amazing place where producers and roasters from all over the world can come to spend quality time with us

The concept behind the office’s creation is “smoke signals over Brooklyn.” First used by Native Americans hundreds of years ago to send messages over long distances, smoke signals are considered to be one of the most primitive and simplest methods of communication in the history of the world. Through this design, the hope is that this new office will act as a smoke signal of business development that originates in Brooklyn but has far-reaching potential to propel TYPICA to innovative new heights within this dynamic city and beyond.

The opening event will bring roasters and producers from all around the world together for a realistic direct trade experience through presentations and cuppings. It is sure to be an exciting atmosphere where we will be able to catch a glimpse of the future coffee landscape of New York! There will also be lots available for purchase on the platform throughout the event. Don’t miss this great opportunity to encounter new coffees from all over the world.

On the evening of March 31st, we are planning to move the venue to a hotel in Manhattan and hold a “Community Dinner” where roasters, producers, and members of the media can share a meal and interact with each other. Of course, TYPICA members from all over the world will also be there to greet you.

We will also be holding cupping sessions at the roastery of one of the most prolific roasters in New York. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

We want to share this celebration as we embark on a new adventure in New York with all of you. What will change within the next year, the next three, or even five years down the line? There’s no better time to open your mind and discuss what the future of coffee will bring. In this community, everyone is a key player.