Join us as we launch Seoul Home!

From April 27 to 30, we are hosting an invitation-only opening event at our new home in South Korea, Seoul Home. Sign up if you are around as we celebrate the beginning of our new chapter in the country. 

Over the past few years, we have established numerous friendships in South Korea through our organized cupping tours and participation in the Cafe Show international trade fair. The opening of our new office will facilitate our mission to connect like-minded individuals striving towards improving the sustainability of coffee. Our ultimate goal is to foster a welcoming and congenial environment, much like the atmosphere of a cozy home where family and loved ones gather together.

Seoul Home is in the peaceful neighborhood of Nuha-dong, Seochon, located to the west of Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul. The area boasts a serene, 600-year-old streetscape that is dotted with traditional houses and quaint narrow back alleys. This district has stayed steadfast in its identity despite the fast-paced changes in modern times. That aligns perfectly with the values we hold dear at TYPICA.

The concept behind Seoul Home is to create a dynamic emotional experience by harmonizing self with the space. The building seamlessly blends with its environment and features a pair of underground rooms. These abstract and minimalist spaces serve as both a community hub and a stage for each guest to dynamically showcase themselves.

In addition, the two spaces within Seoul Home are designed to embody both dynamism, where events like cupping sessions will be held, and staticness, where individuals can focus on their work. The place serves as a harmonious representation of the yin and yang elements of the taegeuk symbol of South Korea, creating a foundation for all things and unleashing the source of human energy and action into the world. This is the vision that we aim to convey through Seoul Home.

On each day of the opening event, we’ll host a “Global Lab Talk.” TYPICA Lab, which offers roasters the chance to expand their knowledge by visiting coffee-producing regions, first launched in Bolivia last summer and has been conducted four times up until March of this year, with numerous roasters from South Korea participating. During this opening event, guests will include roasters who were part of the TYPICA Lab Ethiopia series. They will share their experiences with producers, interactions among fellow roasters, and how their perspectives on coffee have evolved since returning home. Each participant has a unique story to tell, making this a rare opportunity that should not be missed.

During “The Journey of TYPICA” session, our Origin Team will elaborate on the meticulous process of bringing green coffee from 32 countries to roasters. The origin team consists of professionals who work closely with producers to facilitate the coffee journey onto the TYPICA platform. This complex process involves a variety of individuals, from those who seek out new producers to those who handle the delivery of samples to roasters, and each step is executed with great care and precision.

“How do you find the producers?” “Do you have any criteria for lots that make the offer list?” “How can producers check feedback from roasters?” We hope that by addressing these questions, you will gain a deeper insight into our daily operations across borders.

We will share our love and passion for coffee with roasters, and together reflect on the significance of direct trade. The event will be followed by a cupping session where new crops currently on offer will be on the table.

Stay tuned as we will soon release a special website for the event.

◆Message from Soi Shin, head of Seoul Home

Today We have a flourishing community here in South Korea, and it is entirely thanks to all the roasters and everyone that has supported us. When we first began, we had no connections nor an office. I was the sole member of the South Korean team, but now we have expanded to four members. One of our major roles is to bridge the gap between producers and roasters by conveying their voices and thoughts. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our new home and sharing cupping sessions and various other experiences with you.

Next to the cupping room, we have a space that can be used as a café where anyone in the community can drop in and enjoy coffee while talking about producers. Please feel free to stop by anytime.