New York Launch Event

From March 27 to 31, TYPICA hosted an event at Pre Home in New York to celebrate our launch in the United States. During the multi-day event, 28 roasters participated in cupping sessions and had the chance to interact with guest roasters and coffee producers from all around the world. Through the event, we took the first step toward cultivating a new coffee culture through the power of community and realizing a world where everyone can trade directly.

TYPICA has headquarters in the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. The US will be our fifth base. All three global waves of coffee started here. So the decision to establish a presence in New York was necessary for our mission to create the world’s number one market by 2030 where the highest quality coffee is traded. New York, a leading economic, cultural, and artistic center in the country, was a natural fit for this goal.


Cupping sessions at Pre Home were held in small groups so participants could fully appreciate the uniqueness of each coffee and learn about the producers. Guests included two producers, Peter Muchiri from Rockbern (Kenya) and Binyam Aklilu from Nardos Coffee (Ethiopia), and four participants from All Day Roasting Company (Taiwan), Sloane Coffee (Romania), Raw Sugar Roast (Japan), and Liike Coffee (South Korea).

Austin Tsai of All Day Roasting Company said, “What I love about TYPICA is the quality of the green beans and the family-like community. I respect them for expanding their business to New York. I hope that they will continue to pursue quality in New York as well.”

Teodora Pitis of Sloane Coffee said, “It was great to once again see firsthand the value of connecting roasters and producers directly. I was inspired by roasters in New York, too. I hope that TYPICA will continue to create opportunities for people to meet face-to-face.”

Pulley Collective and SEY Coffee provided venues for community cupping sessions during the event.


On the evening of March 31, we hosted a community dinner at Nine Orchard in downtown Manhattan. Participants watched interviews with producers and videos of coffee origins, and discussed what they could do for the future of coffee as a member of the community. Masashi Goto, head of TYPICA, concluded the night, saying “We believe in the energy and potential of love and care we have for each other.”

Biniyam, who took the stage for an interview session, said, “I’m grateful to everyone for giving me a lot of feedback right after the cupping. We could discuss details about production and processing in person. It motivates me to increase production volume while focusing on quality. It was my first time speaking in front of a large audience and receiving so many questions. It was an unforgettable night.”


Jesica Martin Ballad of KC14 said, “To be honest, I had some reservations about TYPICA beforehand, but the event cleared them up. I liked their transparency of the process of ordering green coffee. I also felt very comfortable connecting with roasters like Teodora who are already working with TYPICA, and actually seeing the face of a co-founder at the venue.”

Spencer Okada of Artbean Coffee said, “Normally, cupping is a very formal and impersonal affair, but this event was different. I felt the warmth and friendliness of the people there. It was great to watch the roasters interact with each other and ask questions, and I also gained valuable insights about TYPICA’s team here in the US.”