aoma coffee

In July 2020 during the Covid-19, aoma coffee opened in a corner of the business district in Semba, Osaka. There are only a few seats in the coffee shop which is very similar to a coffee stand. We interviewed the owner, Mr. Hiroshi Aono, who said, “I place importance on “adjusting” in roasting.” Creating a well-balanced store Aono states, “I don’t like to serve customers formally. I like udon noodles, so I often go to an udon eatery in Kagawa prefecture. “What do you want to do next, man?” I like the friendly service of the middle-aged ladies.” Such Aono’s idea is reflected in aoma coffee which is very similar to a coffee stand. When the store first opened, there were about four seats prepared but Aono decided to put only simple stool chairs to make it feel more casual. Many customers stop by after having a meal at a famous standing-udon eatery nearby. Aono, who wears relaxed clothing such as T-shirts and shorts in the summer, got his inspiration from a scene he witnessed in Melbourne, Australia where coffee culture is well-developed. Aono states, “The quality of coffee served at coffee shops is so high that some people go to the shops just to drink coffee. They order their favorite coffee from their favorite baristas and the customers have another two or three cups of coffee. Above all, I was impressed that the customers and staff are equal to each other and staff serve customers in a pleasant and friendly manner.” For Aono, his emphasis in roasting is to “adjust” the beans. “I try to make the most of the character of the coffee...

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