Daniel Magu


If you visit many coffee roasters in Europe, you will see many jute bags with ‘32cup’ written on them. 32cup has changed its name to Sucafina Specialty but it is still one of the major importers in Europe. Kenyacof, a sister company of Sucafina Specialty, is a marketing agent that has a dry mill and an exporter that serves as a link between smallholders in Kenya and roasters. Kenyacof owns a dry mill called Kahawa Bora, a hub for smallholders and cooperatives and the amount smallholders can produce in Kenya is less than 50 bags of parchments. Such a small amount of lots were mixed and integrated into the larger lot in the past but Kahawa Bora manages micro lots from a single bag to ensure traceability. We thought that we could gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in Kenya by comparing and contrasting our interaction with Kenyacof and Rockbern at the same time. Kenyacof is a multinational company and Rockbern continues operation in Kenya from their grandfather’s generation. How does each come to terms with coffee production in Kenya? Kenyacof’s Problem Solving Mette-Marie (known as Mia), the president of the company, and Daniel who is in charge of trading, are the two people who spent time with us in Kenya this time. Mia and Daniel used to be colleagues at Dormans, a well-known coffee exporter in Kenya. Two years after Mia moved to Kenyacof, Daniel followed her and also started working at Kenyacof. Dormans was a great company to work for with a long history but the two saw the potential in Kenyacof revolutionizing the industry. I spoke with Daniel to get...

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