Heleanna Georgalis


Heleanna Georgalis, the director of Moplaco, was the first curator for TYPICA. When I visited Ethiopia the year before last for the first time, Heleanna was the only person that I could get an appointment with. She accepted us even though we had no experience in the coffee importing business. She took care of everything, introduced us to the drivers and lodgings in Ethiopia, which I think was because it was my first visit to the production area. When I look back, I think that the depth of her life experience made her accept us. Moplaco is one of the oldest exporters in Ethiopia. The company has had a close relationship with Japan from the time of Heleanna’s father Yanni Georgalis and they have visited Japan many times. I visited the office in Addis Ababa again this year and talked with her at the cafe next door before the cupping session. It was Sunday and her daughter was sitting next to her eating a sandwich. Heleanna took the time and told me the history of how she arrived at such a peaceful scene. From Grandfather to Father Heleanna states, “Moplaco was founded in 1971 in the town of Dire Dawa in Harar by my grandfather. My grandfather was Greek and he worked as a coffee supplier. His name was Michel Papaphilippou and he named the company MPC after his initials. When my father took over the company, he kept the name and logo because he liked it, but changed the name to Mocca Plantation Company. The logo looks like the logo of Mercedes-Benz, but it is the symbol of the Emperor of Ethiopia.” “My father...

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