MOUNT COFFEE is a coffee shop that serves coffee roasted in-house located in a shopping district a few kilometers away from the central part of Hiroshima City in Hiroshima Prefecture. Owner Mr. Shohei Yamamoto was fascinated by the Starbucks he visited in Canada when he was nineteen years old, and he started his own coffee shop in 2014 after his experience working at several cafes and coffee shops. He has been roasting coffee wishing to make his store fit in well within the city while at the same time working on new projects from time to time such as publishing free papers and speaking on podcasts. We speak with Mr. Yamamoto to find the story behind his coffee shop. For the things I can’t do, I can just ask others for help. MOUNT COFFEE, with its concrete walls and ceiling, wood-grained floor, and antique furniture, is a sophisticated space that exudes a mature atmosphere. “Our store is really cool.” Yamamoto, the owner of the store, says this without hesitation, but it’s not that he is making us feel uncomfortable with his straightforward confidence. His distinct hunting cap, salt and pepper beard, and well-worn white apron make him look like a craftsman, but when you talk to him, you can feel his friendly character.  Yamamoto states, “Whether it’s the interior or the design of the store, I asked people who can make cool things to make them for me. I didn’t give my opinion. I think that I have been able to keep the store going for seven years thanks to the amazing people around me just like I also have an amazing shop website thanks...

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