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Peralta Coffees

Meeting with Peralta Coffee Peralta Coffee is one of Nicaragua’s leading producers and exporters of specialty coffee. Their consistent quality is highly valued by buyers around the world and its distribution volume exceeds 50 containers per year. Peralta Coffee is run by the Peralta family, Julio and Octavio who are cousins. They own seven farms and a dry mill around the city of Mozonte, near the border of Honduras, and the area is called Dipilto or San Fernando, which is famous for its coffee. When I decided to go to Nicaragua, I remembered Cesar’s face. I’ve met Cesar, the owner of Café Integral, a roastery in New York City that specializes in Nicaraguan coffee. I met him seven years ago and I hadn’t been in contact with him for a long time, but when I emailed him asking if he could recommend any producers in Nicaragua, he introduced me to Julio, saying, ‘Peralta Coffee is the best choice.’ That was it. Café Integral and Peralta Coffee have a very close relationship as they worked together to build a roastery/café in the capital city of Managua. We spent three intense days in Nicaragua with Julio, one of the owners. Julio is a tall gentleman with an air of class and he is a very capable and smart businessman. He has worked as a banker and worked at a telecom operator before finally finding his way to coffee production. He has visited Japan many times in the past and loves Japan so much that he is even learning Japanese. He is very sociable, has many friends and is very good at hanging out with many different people...

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