Lisanne Oonk


About Cultivar They are led by Lisanne, based in Amsterdam, and Theadros, based in Peru. Lissane studied cultural anthropology and worked as a quality manager at the Amsterdam importer Trabocca. Her partner is from Argentina, and she herself is fluent in Spanish. She is also a mother of one child. Read more about Lisanne in this interview. Theadros studied international development and worked as an intern at a coffee cooperative in Peru before he worked in the export-import at Trabocca. He then moved to Peru with his family where his wife is from. During his time at Trabocca, he was in charge of the Ethiopian trade, as his father is Ethiopian and his mother is Dutch. It was fascinating to hear about a business plan contest that Theadros entered when he was in college. The theme of his plan was “Direct Trade Platform” and he won the contest and was able to go to the US to study. He then returned to the Netherlands and joined Trabocca to start a full-fledged career in coffee. However, he hit a wall. At a large company like Trabocca, it was difficult for him to work directly with small-scale producers as he had hoped. These two colleagues at the time talked about their dreams and hit it off. In 2017, they founded Cultivar. They both saw great potential in Peruvian specialty coffee and believed that small-scale producers can increase their profitability by nurturing quality coffee. Cultivar has connections with more than 100 small producers throughout Peru, and deals mainly in micro lots. The quality of their coffee has been highly praised by European roasters such as The Barn, Bonanza...