We are all different and all wonderful. So is Coffee :)

Coffee Community

Coffee Lovers Becoming One by Our Direct Trade.

TYPICA is a community nurtured by coffee producers, roasters who roast their coffee, consumers, and all those who love coffee around the world. Just like people, each cup of coffee has its personality. The nature that produces coffee and the thoughts of the producers and roasters. The thoughts you feel for someone will be passed around and continue to the world beyond. We want to make the coffee sustainable by delivering fresh green coffee beans to the people who need them, in the quantities they need, at the right price. Enjoying the blessings of nature (coffee) together (Co). Coffee is essentially a colorful and sweet drink.


We publish the list of fresh green coffee beans online and sell them at the fastest and fairest price.


Directly purchase unique green coffee beans from just one jute bag from all over the world.

Coffee Lover

You can learn the climate of the production areas and the stories of the producers and roasters and taste the unique character of each coffee.


Our Community

Let's make
the Coffee Colorful.

For sustainability of coffee we love

Through a cup of coffee, you can come into contact with landscapes and people’s thoughts that you never knew existed. How was coffee produced far away from you and how did it reach you? By ensuring the transparency of the supply chain and prices, we want everyone who loves coffee to be happy. Appreciating the true taste of coffee is also a way to improve the sustainability of coffee. Connecting the world by 'transparent coffee' and changing coffee into something colorful. We can create a world where everyone can enjoy a wide variety of characters you meet.

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