Blue Beans Roastery, known as BBR in Kagoshima prefecture, offers coffee with bright fruitiness and gentle sweetness by roasting coffee to bring out its best qualities. The smiling faces of the energetic staff add color to the shop, which is often described as a stylish and curated space. We speak with Mr. Kensuke Sakashita, the roaster and owner of BBR. ※ Titles in the texts are omitted. We want our customers to become our fans. It’s mild with a good aftertaste. It’s full-bodied with a bitter taste. It’s refreshing and fruity. It’s well-balanced with harmonious notes. BBR is a specialty coffee shop without giving us the impression of being “fanatical” in coffee, or makes you feel intimidated that the store is so high-end that you can’t casually enter. Sakashita says, “For those who don’t like bitter coffee, I recommend something ‘easy to drink’ and ‘refreshingly sweet’ with delicate acidity and fruitiness. Explaining flavors to people who are not used to drinking coffee is equivalent to using words they don’t understand. I ask my customers what they think about the coffee they had when they leave, and if they have a good impression, I try to give them more information about it.”  In fact, many visitors to the shop are not regular coffee drinkers.  “I’d be more than happy if I could create a comfortable space for customers to enjoy chatting with friends over a dessert and help them have ‘a good time.’ When I serve my customers, I’m consciously trying to win them over to become our fans. I try to say to returning customers something like “You had a latte the other day,” showing...

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