Cafe FUJINUMA Oyama stataion main shop

Cafe FUJINUMA was opened in 2013 along the main street of Gionjo-dori street, a three-minute walk from the west exit of JR Oyama station in Tochigi Prefecture. Mr. Eisuke Fujinuma who grew up in the area opened the shop to fulfill his mother’s long-held dream of opening a café with his father. We interview Mr. Fujinuma, who is currently operating several stores and is also actively involved in community development to make the area more lively. Our cafe is like a friendly Japanese-style bar frequented by the locals in the neighborhood If you visit Cafe FUJINUMA without having any prior information given, you might be a little bit confused. A sign “COFFEE & BEER” appears on the door of the shop. This is because the cafe also serves as a bar serving beer and other alcoholic beverages on weekend nights.  Although the style of operation is different from that of regular cafes, the essential function of the cafe remains the same. In pre-Covid time, this bar-style cafe had eight seats at the counter and twelve seats at tables providing a friendly lunch time atmosphere like you can find at a local Japanese-style bar patronized by the local people in the neighborhood. Fujinuma states, “Having the counter makes it much easier for us and the customers to start talking to each other. We can tell from the seats customers choose if they want to talk to us or they want to be left alone. I believe that the store is a place where everyone can enjoy conversations, so I encourage everyone who sits at the counter to join in the conversations.” “The appeal of sitting at...

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