darestore is located in Sendai city in Miyagi prefecture in Tohoku region. darestore is a roastery cafe opened in 2017 by Mr. Yusuke Ishiyama who honed his roasting and brewing skills at a famous local cafe and Mr. Yoshio Terasawa who was trained in Melbourne, Australia. They are working to create a comfortable place through ‘colorful’ coffee, where each ingredient shows its own ‘color.’ We spoke with Mr. Yusuke Ishiyama who said, “The turning point for me was when I served coffee for evacuees of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.”◆ Titles in the text are omitted. Creating a store catering to all age customers, from babies to the elderly.   The coffee packaging is eye-catching with illustrations that make us think of the types of animals drawn.  Ishiyama states, “For Brazilian beans, for example, a capybara is drawn, and for Ethiopian beans, a giraffe is drawn. Customers become interested in buying coffee beans by looking at the illustrations and tell us, ‘I want to buy coffee beans that have this illustration on it’ or ‘Do you have postcards for this illustration?’ The illustrations sometimes lead to conversations about the origins of the coffee beans.” The natural and warm illustrations of animals show darestore’s philosophy. The philosophy is also evident by the fact the store provides chairs for children.  “I wanted to create a store that would attract a variety of customers from babies to the elderly. All of our staff love children. I feel a place where children are present gives us strength.” As of July 2021, the shop is open with seats at the counter only due to Covid. Prior to Covid, a...

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