EMBANKMENT Coffee opened in October 2017 as a sister store to ELMERS GREEN CAFE in Osaka. As a coffee shop that promotes specialty coffee and focuses on the individuality of high-quality single-origin coffee, they have led the specialty coffee industry in Osaka. We speak with Mr. Shinya Ueda, who oversees both roasting and brewing at EMBANKMENT Coffee, but says he is truly a barista at heart.  ※ Titles in the text are omitted. Encounter with coffee in the youth. The door to the world of coffee was suddenly opened to Ueda. At a job fair in his final year of high school, he happened to visit the booth of a culinary school that trained people to work in cafes. It wasn’t that he was interested in culinary school from the beginning, but he was rather only interested in getting a book gift card that he could get if he stopped by three different booths and listened to their talk. He was about to leave the event with no prospect in hand, except a book gift card. The person at the reception desk said to him, “If you visit one more booth, we will give you another book gift card.” That booth he went to turned out to be the culinary school he ended up going to later. “I got interested in the school after hearing about it, I went to an open day there where the instructor taught me how to make latte art. The way he carried himself and the finished product was very cool, and I was completely hooked.” Ueda decided to enroll in the school on the day itself. Soon after he did,...

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