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Primavera Coffee

Primavera Coffee is a specialty coffee exporter founded in 2013. Primavera Coffee has built relationships with small-scale producers in Huehuetenango and Fraijanes, which are said to have potential as coffee-producing regions in Guatemala, and they share the appeal of these areas with the world. The company has its headquarters in Guatemala City as well as offices in the US and the Netherlands that also function as importers. They started working with TYPICA last year as their partner in Asia. The headquarters has a cupping lab and a roaster cafe. The cafe is considered to a rare spot and a beautiful space where you can enjoy specialty coffee. The founder Nadine Rush has a petite figure with an innocent smile that makes you want to call her “a girl.” I liked the gap between the way she carried herself and her position as the founder of a rapidly growing coffee company. She told me last year in Guatemala that she would have children someday, but when I saw her online after more than a year, to my surprise she had already become a mother. Her innocence was still intact, but her expression seemed a little softer than before. I talked to Nadine about Primavera Coffee and asked about her background. History of Primavera Coffee It all started back in 1880. Her ancestors, who were coffee importers in Hamburg, Germany, came to Guatemala to manage estates four generations ago. Coffee production started during the time of her great-grandfather and the coffee farm was passed on to Nadine’s father. Nadine’s father mainly runs the business of producing and exporting high-end commercial coffee. Nadine, the eldest daughter of the...

Primavera Coffee

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