Fernando Calle

Finca Isabel

We returned to the capital city of Bolivia, La Paz from Caranavi on the last day in Bolivia where we did our last cupping at Juan’s dry mill. Juan had prepared several lots in addition to the ones from the producers we had visited. Among the lots, there were Bourbon Natural and Geisha Natural that were particularly unique. I really wanted to include them in the offer list and asked him about the producers. He pointed to a man who looked like a university student hanging out in the courtyard and said, “That’s him.” That was Fernando. He was wearing a hoodie and jeans and even looked innocent when he smiled, but he was the producer who won first place at the President’s Cup last year. (He also won first place at the President’s Cup held in February 2021 and sold his coffee for about 350 US dollars/kg.) He was there by chance and Juan stopped him saying, “I have a customer coming from Japan.” This is the precise reason it’s worth visiting coffee origins because we have such encounters. After a cupping session with Juan, I talked to Fernando who was sitting in the courtyard. He said, “I was born into a fruit farming family in Caranavi and not coffee farmers. I was interested in agriculture from an early age and majored in Agriculture at the university. As I learned more about agriculture, I realized that I wanted to work with crops that would contribute to Bolivia, so I decided to study coffee production. The world of coffee was fascinating and the more I learned about it, the more I was drawn to it....

Finca Isabel

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