kawakami coffee roaster

kawakami coffee roaster is a coffee shop that roasts coffee in-house in a residential area of Suita City in Osaka. The shop has a counter with only six seats and is so popular that customers make a line to enter the shop even on weekdays. The shop also offers handmade sandwiches and baked goods. We interviewed owner Mr. Hiroo Kawakami who says, “I am happiest when people say the coffee is delicious.”  ※ Titles in the text are omitted.  Offering something that can be only enjoyed here. The store is located a ten-minute walk away from the nearest station and the store doesn’t have any parking. It’s not a great location, but people make a line not only on weekends but also on weekdays depending on the season. Although it is a coffee roaster that only sells specialty coffees and roasts coffee in-house, many customers who visit the store don’t order coffee.  These customers are eyeing the sandwiches, French toast, and other food items. All of the sandwiches sold are over 1,000 yen (US$ 9) which is not necessarily affordable, but there is an incessant flow of customers coming in. One of the most popular sandwiches is the BLT. People say that a large portion of sandwich stuffing balances well with the toast and that the compatibility between the taste of bacon and its sauce is great.  Kawakami, who opened the store in 2014 says, “I don’t like it when people think I only do coffee. I wanted to make sure that all the items we offer on our menu, including sandwiches and pastries, are better than those specialty stores. I feel that way because...