Mame porepore

The specialty coffee shop, Mame Porepore is well known for recommending the best coffee according to your taste from a wide selection of lineup. Mr. Nakamura, who is from Okinawa, Japan was the runner-up in the World Coffee Roasting Championship in 2018, a competition of coffee roasting techniques. We interviewed Mr. Nakamura, who says, “I try to roast coffee beans in a way that I can maximize the potential of the coffee.” Very tolerant; Okinawa’s individuality Okinawans are known for being relaxed with time, so much so that it has been referred to as “uchina time” which means that they don’t live by the clock. Many people outside of Okinawa prefecture are puzzled by this common sense of not living by the clock, but it is one of the many characteristics of Okinawans and their personality. Nakamura has lived in Okinawa for more than forty years and has been running a coffee shop for more than ten years. “When it comes to coffee culture, Okinawa is a place where the expression is free. In Tokyo, where quality is more important, single-origin and light roast coffee is categorized as specialty coffee, but in Okinawa, there is no such distinction,” stated Nakamura. “Some people are fine with commercial coffee (inexpensive coffee for the masses), while others prefer the bitter coffee of an old-fashioned coffee shop. Okinawans are very casual in a good way. If it’s good enough for Okinawans, it’s perfect. That’s why the coffee market in Okinawa is so mixed.” Okinawa’s coffee culture overlaps with the style of Mame Porepore, which offers a wide variety of beans roasted at the shop, from different origins to different...

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