Hoshikawa Cafe

Hoshikawa Cafe serves coffee roasted in-house and specially made pancakes made with local ingredients of Saitama prefecture. We interviewed Mr. Yosuke Suzuki, the owner of Hoshikawa Cafe, who found his place at a cafe in Australia and was moved by the superb coffee he drank later in Norway that made him change his life. ※ The titles in the text are omitted. Tastes and intuitions are important. Hoshikawa Cafe opened on Hoshikawa street in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture in March 2009. Under the theme of ‘Scandinavian coffee and pancakes made with the local ingredients,’ the cafe offers specialty coffee and the specially made pancakes made with wheat and eggs from the local area. All the coffee beans in the cafe are roasted in-house and he tries to roast coffee in a way that makes the uniqueness of each coffee stand out. The cafe is bright and calm with Scandinavian-style furniture. When he goes to Norway to buy coffee, he also buys furniture he likes in Norway. Suzuki states, “I just love old things and I think the Norwegian vintage design matches exactly with what I want.” The coffee roasting machine he uses is also a vintage which was manufactured around 1940 to 1950. It is not as efficient as the latest roasting machine and it can’t roast a large quantity at one time but the coffee roasted with the vintage machine is plump and sweet. The packaging for his coffee on sale also expresses its unique style. He uses his drawings of the images of the flavors of coffee. He says that he is good at expressing something intuitively, “It all started when I started...