In 2019, KUROMON COFFEE opened in Fukuoka City’s Chuo Ward, in the neighborhood of Kuromon. Its owner, Yosuke Yatsuda, took the opportunity to leave his home prefecture of Miyazaki after quitting his job as a teacher and has now spent over ten years in Fukuoka and Tokyo pursuing the depths of coffee. He runs his store with a desire to make it something that blends into the lives of the local townspeople while also working as a culinary training college lecturer. We spoke to him, and he had the following to say.  An unassertive coffee shop Now that the world is full of coffee shops and cafes, the majority put a focus on their concept or their owner’s approach. KUROMON COFFEE, however, makes a conscious effort to not. It would be hard to imagine that it promotes its owner’s presence or ideas, given the lack of store slogan or photos of people anywhere on its official website or social media. The same could be said about the name of the store, as it simply uses the name of the neighborhood where it is located. “I wanted to make something that blends into the scenery and life of its location. I thought it would be better to use a name that people in the town were used to hearing, rather than something that tries to awkwardly sound trendy.” Kuromon, the location of the store that it is named after, is a residential neighborhood located in the center of Fukuoka City next to Ohori Park, a place of rest and relaxation for locals. KUROMON COFFEE came into being after renovating a house that had stood there for...

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