Maruhachi Coffee Roaster

A renovated former gynecology clinic building cobaco tobata consists of five shops standing along a prefectural road in Tobata district of Kitakyushu. On the first floor is a coffee shop Maruhachi Coffee Roaster opened in 2017 by Miyako Yachigo.  She says that the world of coffee, which she entered at the age of 35 after working at a call center for a major company, gave her a chance to face herself and taught her the harshness of business, the depth of the industry, the warmth of people and the breadth of the world she could connect with.  An encounter with a book Opening the retro looking door made of wood and frosted glass, you find Maruhachi Coffee Roaster just to the right of a corridor with a Showa-era atmosphere in a corner of gently bathed sunlight. In this space, which would soon be five years old, people from all walks of life visit for a moment of peace of mind, including those who come after a night shift for a cup of hot milk, those who come to consult about their work problems, parents with their children who have been coming here since they were in pregnancy and people also in coffee business who just drop by.  Engawa (a Japanese-style veranda in the traditional architecture) — that is the concept of Maruhachi Coffee Roaster. A place where the boundary between the everyday and the extraordinary becomes blurred, a boundary that connects the outside and the inside and a place where one can have pleasant encounters. The owner, Miyako’s goal to create such a shop is rooted in her childhood memories. She was born and raised...

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