OBROS COFFEE is a coffee shop that opened in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture in May 2016. The founders are the Ogino brothers, born and raised in the area. We interviewed Mr.Yumehiro Ogino and his younger brother, Mr.Wakaki Ogino, who both say, “It was natural for us to open a shop together.”  An unexpected encounter with coffee After Ogino brothers opened OBROS COFFEE in 2016, they established the concept that they could create unexpected encounters with coffee, while serving customers on a daily basis. The concept was actually born 15 years ago. At the time, Yumehiro, was in his third year at a commercial high school, and was having a hard time deciding what to do after graduation. One day, he came across a latte art at a neighborhood café, which had such an impact on him that it determined the direction of his life. Yumehiro: “I thought I was there to drink coffee, I never expected to be exposed to the element of latte art that pleased my eyes. I wanted to be on the side of providing such surprises to others. As I began to feel this way, I decided to make a living from coffee. It was a great experience for me to encounter coffee that was unexpected ; it was not far from what I had expected.” About eight years later, Wakaki, had a similar experience: at the age of 20, his older brother took him to UNLIMITED COFFEE ROASTERS, a roastery and coffee shop in Tokyo, where he had an unexpected encounter. “The barista told me ‘A cup of that cappuccino changed me from a person who does not care for...

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