PostCoffee offers a subscription service for high-quality specialty coffees that suit the taste of each individual. By going through coffee diagnosis, subscribers can enjoy meeting with the coffee that best suits them from about 150,000 combinations. We interviewed the CEO of PostCoffee Mr. Ryo Shimomura, whose mission is to evolve lifestyles. Abundance is hidden in ordinary life. PostCoffee can be referred to as a matching service that can match you and the coffee that suits you. Subscribers answer seven questions about their lifestyle and receive a box of their favorite coffee (three cups of three different types) in a regular monthly delivery. After drinking the coffees, subscribers can send their reviews via the app, and the delivery in the following month will be based on your reviews and the content of the delivery will get closer and closer to your detailed preference of coffee. PostCoffee consistently offers around 30 types of single-origin coffee from 15 countries around the world and you can customize in detail such as; how to brew coffee, with or without sugar or milk, and the delivery frequency according to your individual needs. To meet the diverse needs of customers, their in-house roasters roast coffee so that they can bring out the character of coffee in a neutral way. “The greatest value we can offer is to deliver coffee that meets the needs and preferences of customers. We would like to create a product that can meet every need in the future. ” In addition to customized recipes and interviews for subscribers, the monthly subscription also comes with a magazine with a special feature on proposing a new lifestyle. The subscription also...

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