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Coffee Wrights was born in Sangenjaya in Tokyo in December 2016 from a casual idea of a barista saying, “I simply just want to make coffee.” We interviewed Mr. Takuto Sakaibara, a roaster at Coffee Wrights and free jazz and improvisational musician, who currently runs three coffee shops in Tokyo.  I want to convey the joy of coffee. Sakaibara states, “At Coffee Wrights, which we named to describe the people who make coffee, we feel the people who buy and enjoy our coffee beans are part of our members. We have created a store where people can feel free to consult with us about how to enjoy coffee. We hold workshops at the store so that people can learn more about coffee.”  Attracted by the concept of increasing the number of people who drink coffee, as written on the website, Sakaibara joined Coffee Wrights in March 2017, shortly after the store was opened. “The person who taught me the appeal of specialty coffee was ‘Renshiro Coffee’ a roastery in Miyazaki Prefecture. The owner of ‘Renshiro Coffee’ couldn’t stop talking about coffee and it seemed he opened the store solely because of his passion for coffee. His overflowing passion drew me into the world of coffee; it led me to the store before I knew it. I joined Coffee Wrights so I could tell people -as the owner of ‘Renshiro Coffee’ had taught me with his passion- that coffee is fun, so everyone should try it.” “What’s interesting about coffee compared to other drinks is that you have to brew it yourself to drink it. I think it’s wonderful to be able to experience this feeling...

Coffee Wrights

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