GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS is a shop of single origin coffees that opened at Jimbocho in Tokyo in 2015 with the concept of introducing coffee culture from Japan to the world. We interviewed Mr. Kiyokazu Suzuki the founder who carefully selects the menu and coffee who says, “We only serve coffee to customers that we are satisfied with.” In a sanctuary In Jimbocho, Tokyo, where secondhand bookstores and cafes are concentrated, there is a coffee shop that is described as “crazy” by foreign customers who are coffee connoisseurs; GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS, which opened in April 2015. Kiyokazu Suzuki, the founder and owner of GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS states, “We only sell single-origin, light roast coffee, and our lineup is very particular. Some of the prices are outrageous like 3,500 yen (about 32 USD) per cup of coffee. I am sometimes told, “Why don’t you open one in Shibuya? I don’t understand it because this place is hard to come by,” from customers who have been to many different coffee shops around the world.” (laugh) With the concept of introducing coffee culture from Japan to the world, GLITCH COFFEE & ROASTERS targets coffee lovers from overseas and expresses its Japanese flavors in many ways, such as using a Japanese family crest as the store logo and paving the walls of the counter with cobblestones. Perhaps, this is why the shop attracts many overseas customers but it also has won the hearts of Japan’s core coffee fans. Why did he choose Jimbocho as the area to open his coffee shop? Suzuki states, “When I came here for the first time, I felt that the area was...

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