IMOM COFFEE ROASTERS is a roastery and cafe located in Nagakute, Aichi Prefecture. They serve not only coffee but also monthly toasts and sweets. Akihirio Nonaka, a manager and barista of the cafe, has been with IMOM COFFEE ROASTERS for 5 years. He first encountered the world of coffee and has been passionate about it for 7 years. What’s the story behind him?  A concept called “a life with coffee” Nagakute is a commuter town adjacent to Nagoya, also known as the youngest city in terms of average age. The owner of IMOM COFFEE renovated a  spacious warehouse with high ceilings so the cafe has a hotel-like atmosphere. A spatial design of the store is like that of cafes in San Francisco and Portland, giving us a glimpse of IMOM’s commitment to create a relaxing space. “It’s a cafe type of store, but I think a great thing about cafe is that everyone can be with us. Parents walk in pushing strollers with their children and no one cares even if you get heated up in the conversation. I want to create this kind of atmosphere from our cafe and share it with the society”. (Citing from Wantedly). Said the owner of IMOM COFFEE, Yuuki Matsuda. Their corporate mission is “Creating a tolerant society”. They have operated SIENA COFFEE FACTORY (predecessors of IMOM COFFEE ROASTERS), as well as a welfare business since its establishment in 2016. The manager and the barista of IMOM, Akihiro says, “I have been proactively involved in quality control of coffee and creating new food recipes since I have joined the company. I also started roasting in this company.  The concept...

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