Alejandro Valiente C.


CaféNor is a dry mill located near Santa Ana, El Salvador, run by local producers under the leadership of Alejandro, whose family has been involved in coffee production for four generations since the 1800s. The dry mill has only been in operation for a short period and producers visit the mill every day to hand over their coffee to Alejandro. Alejandro’s work has received high praise from roasters on the West coast of the United States, including Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Four Barrel Coffee, and Verve Coffee Roasters. We drove about three hours from the capital city of San Salvador to reach the dry mill of CaféNor. The dry mill is located on a hill surrounded by pine trees and the view from the cupping lab which looked like a small hut was fantastic with very good vibe flowing through it. We spent a night at Alejandro’s second house near the dry mill surrounded by a coffee farm. The location of the house, where he stays during the harvest and processing season, was also exceptional; it was located on a small hill and overlooked the Trifinio biosphere reserve, the point where the borders of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala meet. The coffee flowers were in full bloom and the air was filled with a creamy and jasmine-like scent. “It’s safe here surrounded by my friends’ farms,” Alejandro said. I first heard about Alejandro on the blog of Four Barrel Coffee, a roaster in San Francisco. I remembered the delicious El Salvador coffee I had at Four Barrel Coffee, so I checked it out. The blog mentioned his name and included a few episodes about him, so...

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