The espresso bar LATTEST opened in Omotesando, Tokyo in February 2012 with the concept of sending out the best female baristas to the world. When you enter the bar, you are greeted by a manly interior and a rugged counter made of bare concrete. In there, female baristas make espresso and latte art.  It’s been ten years since LATTEST opened in Omotesando, Tokyo, a fiercely competitive area for cafes. LATTEST currently has six different stores that each have a different theme. We speak with manager Ms. Yumi Munehiro about the past and future of LATTEST.   Pursuing a strong and robust latte The drinks called ‘Lattest’ and ‘Triple Shot Latte’ are made by pouring cold milk into the specially made shot glass and then pouring rich and brewed espresso directly on top of it. This is because three times the usual amount of coffee beans are used in one latte. Because coffee tends to taste bitter and harsh as the brewing amount increases, the amount of espresso brewed is reduced to ten to twenty ml. By doing this, they are able to use only the best part of coffee, abundantly. Munehiro states, “When you pour the espresso on top of milk, the coffee oil, which is the oil contained in the coffee beans, causes the espresso to float for a moment instead of immediately mixing with the milk. The first sip will have a taste of warm espresso, but the second sip will follow tasting of cold milk, so you can taste both warm and cold, and then you can taste the bitterness of the espresso and the sweetness of the milk. That is what makes...

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