FIVE COFFEE STAND & ROASTERY roasts its own coffee in a 17 square meter shop in the Yanesen area of Tokyo, which has an old town atmosphere. The store provides specialty coffee that is not too sweet and it makes you want to drink more as it has a unique flavor. We interviewed Mr. Yukio Umezawa, the owner, who says, “I want people to know about good coffee.”  ※ Titles in the text are omitted. Coffee doesn’t have to be bitter. The Yanesen area of Tokyo is popular for its retro cityscape and stylish cafes. Many people come here to take a stroll. Five Coffee Stand & Roastery, a coffee shop that roasts coffee in-house near Nezu station on Chiyoda Line, sells high-quality roasted specialty coffee that has flavor and sweetness and serves drip coffee and café lattes. Umezawa states, “What we try to do is to roast coffee in a way that is not too sour nor too bitter but has sweetness. We offer not only coffees with strong acidity, but also offer coffees that meet the needs of customers who want coffee with less acidity. We choose green coffee and roast it so that the customers who prefer a less sour taste can enjoy the sourness and sweetness in a nice way.” “I am very conscious of it because I want people who are not familiar with specialty coffee to drink it and learn more about it. This is a cliché but I’m happy when people who are not familiar with specialty coffee, who think that coffee is bitter, come to the store many times.” Umezawa opened the store in April 2020 with...


12:00-18:30 / Weekend: 11:00-18:30
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