Kazuhiro Nagasawa, the owner of NAGASAWA COFFEE who is originally from Morioka, Iwate prefecture was selected as one of the twenty people who are changing the world through the work in the coffee by the global coffee media outlet SPRUDGE in 2019. We interviewed Mr. Nagasawa who says, “I want to create a shop that respects each individual’s way of enjoying coffee.” Each person has his or her way of enjoying coffee. NAGASAWA COFFEE with its relaxed and open atmosphere reflects the relaxed and open way of thinking of Nagasawa. The shop has all-glass windows that let light in and has a limited number of seats in proportion to the size of the shop. Nagasawa states, “The main premise of the shop is for customers to enjoy themselves, so we don’t have rules like refusing customers with children or telling customers not to take a lot of pictures. Of course, there are limits to it but we want to be the place that respects each customer’s way of enjoying coffee without imposing our values on them.” “I want as many people as possible to enjoy coffee.” Nagasawa’s wish for as many people as possible to enjoy coffee is also reflected in the way that he doesn’t call coffee he serves at his shop specialty coffee even though he is very particular about it himself. For example, he bought a vintage overseas-made roasting machine, OLD PROBAT UG-15 manufactured in the 1960s for the shop. “It’s true that we deal with specialty coffee but I try not to think of it as if the specialty coffee is superior. This is because it’s meaningless to have a shop...

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