shimaji coffee roasters

shimaji coffee roasters is located not far from Hiroshima Station and because of the clarity of the shop’s focus on roasting light roast coffee at the shop, coffee lovers are beginning to recognize shimaji coffee roasters as Hiroshima’s light roast coffee shop and its reputation is widely known among coffee lovers as the place to be. We interviewed Mr. Yoshitaka Shima the owner who insists on the “limited choice” or “limited selections” of light roast coffee. I want people to realize the appeal of light roast coffee. Light roast coffee specialty stores are often considered to be coffee enthusiasts’ shops and difficult to enter because of their specialized nature; it is difficult to go there without the knowledge of coffee. When you go to shimaji coffee roasters, you’ll find the unexpected in a good way. The owner, Shima states, “We want people to feel familiar with us. To make people feel comfortable and familiar with us, we wanted something that people can relate to us in a way that this shop is famous for great ambience, warm and friendly service, and so on, for example. I think it’s important for people to understand that shimaji coffee roasters is that kind of place.” The reason why Shima insists on light roast coffee is to dispel the negative impressions of light roasting, tasting thin and sour, and to make people aware of its appeal. Many customers excitedly tell us, “My impression of acidity has changed.” or “I can now see that light roast coffee is delicious.” “Light roast coffee aims to reduce the bitterness and roasted aroma of the coffee as much as possible so one can...

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